A review of 50 first experiences

First 12 – Creating a personal blog

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This blog. Took me a whole day I should have spent working. Much fannying about, 8 cups of tea, 6 biscuits, one maltloaf as I tried to get it to look like I wanted it to.

Marks: 6/10 for actually getting down to it. Downsides: inability to understand instructions on setting up properly; could be a massive draw on my already obsessive need to spend hours on tiny details.


Author: sarahnow50

I turned 50 in June and have decided to write about some of the new experiences that happen to me over the next 12 months, not in a show-off way, but to remind myself (and any others that access this) that new experiences happen in all shapes and sizes. I suppose I'm looking at ways to remind myself of the positives. I'm also hoping this will spark off taking steps in a few different directions - what, I don't yet know.

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