A review of 50 first experiences

First 13 – Finding my tree

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6 October – One of my birthday presents this year was a tree, but not an actual tree – a tree planted in an ancient bluebell wood at Stray Head Banks, near Whitby. So today’s first was visiting ‘my’ dedicated tree. Last night’s task, finding the map,  took a frustrating 3 hours  – slightly less than today’s task, finding the actual tree. Much enjoyment to be had deciding which one had to be my special tree. The one with the flag? Too obvious. The large one? Too old. That one? too bare. Aha, this one is just right.

Marks: 9/10 for a beautiful day, lovely colours, nice trees, discovering a magic stone seat said to grant the wishes of those who sat in it, a waterfall, and a lovely outdoor cafe.


Author: sarahnow50

I turned 50 in June and have decided to write about some of the new experiences that happen to me over the next 12 months, not in a show-off way, but to remind myself (and any others that access this) that new experiences happen in all shapes and sizes. I suppose I'm looking at ways to remind myself of the positives. I'm also hoping this will spark off taking steps in a few different directions - what, I don't yet know.

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