A review of 50 first experiences

First 36 – a letter to my great, great, great… nieces and nephews

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23rd March – The York History Project urn is due to be opened in 200 years (that’s if someone doesn’t dig it up to put down a carpark) but in the meantime was in the main city library, ready to be filled with personal ‘records’ as they’re called. I didn’t read the criteria properly, because I only found out about it the day before it was due to be sealed, and was in a rush to get somewhere else – it was only afterwards, checking the website, that I found out all contributions were meant to be about York. To be fair, my little memory stick did include a couple of photos of the field opposite my house, but I was more interested in my great, great, great (how many do I need?) nieces and nephews discovering a tiny connection to their great, great … aunty Sarah – and writing a personal message to them. I wonder if the people who sealed the urn checked the memory sticks enclosed (there was also a photo of me, Mum, Becky and Julia all dressed up at the Ritz! SO-not-about-York!) and chuck some out, or think, here’s a handy memory stick I could use? I suppose I’ll never know.

Marks: 10/10 for posterity value. Possibly.


Author: sarahnow50

I turned 50 in June and have decided to write about some of the new experiences that happen to me over the next 12 months, not in a show-off way, but to remind myself (and any others that access this) that new experiences happen in all shapes and sizes. I suppose I'm looking at ways to remind myself of the positives. I'm also hoping this will spark off taking steps in a few different directions - what, I don't yet know.

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